Sonos Ace: the name, design and price of the first headphones leak

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Sonos Ace

Sonos is about to venture out of the speaker market to tackle another category of audio products: wireless headphones.

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The Verge has also just revealed that the brand's first model had taken a hit on the Schuurman site, an authorized distributor of Sonos spare parts. The opportunity to learn a little more about it afterwards multiple rumorsand ahead of its formalization.

To begin with, we finally know the name of the headset: Sonos Ace. On the design side, the images reveal “a few buttons on both earcups, some sort of toggle switch, and a premium design”, explains the American media. The premium aspect is accentuated by adjustable rods, apparently made of metal, like what Apple offers with the AirPods Max.

As a bonus, the price of the helmet is mentioned on the Schuurman website: €403.58 (around $430). Thus, the rumors mentioning a price of around $450 would prove to be correct.

The Verge also indicates that the Sonos subreddit discovered a first mention of the Ace helmet on the brand's official website, “which displays a message about pre-ordering the product in the search bar”. Another clue, the site automatically redirects to the Sonos store.

© Rogueoner29 via the Sonos subreddit

In addition to information on the first headphones from Sonos, Schuurman listed a new connected speaker from the brand: the Roam 2. According to The Verge, it would be launched “In the coming months”, while the Sonos Ace would arrive “during the next month”.

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