€479 Creality K1C 3D printer high speed 600mm/s, AI camera, printing 220 x 220 x 250mm

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The new Creality K1C 3D printer is designed for demanding users who want cutting-edge, fast and versatile 3D printing. Here is an offer that they will surely not miss.

creality k1c high speed 3d printer 600mmcreality k1c high speed 3d printer 600mm

With its light and agile CoreXY system, the Creality K1C achieves print speeds of up to 600 mm/s and an acceleration of 20,000 mm/s², while maintaining exceptional print quality.

The K1C is optimized for carbon fiber filaments, allowing you to benefit from their superior mechanical strength and dimensional stability for robust and precise prints.

Thanks to his “Sprite” extruder specialized direct, the K1C effortlessly handles flexible filaments with increased precision. Its all-metal dual gear configuration ensures a powerful and uniform extrusion force of 80N for smooth and consistent filament feeding. The K1C also supports a wide range of standard and advanced filaments, including PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, ASA And much more.

The K1C incorporates a AI camera offering a real-time monitoring and alerts during the printing process. Shoot timelapse videos and take advantage of potential artificial intelligence features for an enriched user experience.

Simplify setup with automatic calibration. With just one click, the K1C takes care of Z-offset, leveling and input shaping testing, ensuring accurate and hassle-free calibration. Additionally, dampers minimize vibration for smoother prints and quieter operation.

The K1C is equipped with a Cooling system which effectively regulates temperature during printing, ensuring consistent, high-quality results. A built-in air purifier removes harmful compounds released during printing, creating a cleaner, more pleasant printing environment.

The K1C from Creality is a fast, precise and versatile 3D printer that you can grab at the best price of €479 on Geekbuying.

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Free delivery (from Germany warehouse – no VAT charges)

Creality K1C printer unbeatable price !

The K1C arrives pre-assembled and pre-tested, requiring minimal setup. The user-friendly getting started guide ensures quick and easy installation, similar to setting up a new smartphone.

Features of the Creality K1C:

  • Ultra-fast FDM 3D printing up to 600 mm/s
  • Compatible with carbon fiber filaments
  • Full metal hot end and wide filament compatibility
  • Enhanced AI Camera Surveillance
  • Automatic calibration and stable printing
  • Smart cooling and air filtration system
  • Simplified setup and use
  • Quiet, vibration-free printing
  • Support for various standard and advanced filaments
  • Large print volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm
  • 4.3-inch color touchscreen

High-speed, high-precision 3D printing with Creality's K1C printer

⏩ See the Creality K1C 3D printer on Geekbuying ⏪

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