Educa Puzzle The Great Wave off Kanagawa – 500 pieces

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Educa – 500 piece puzzle for Children and Adults | The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Includes Fix Puzzle Tail for hanging once assembly is complete. From 11 Years (19002)

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About this product

  • 500 piece puzzle for adults. Approximate measurements when assembled: 48 x 34 cm. Material: recycled cardboard.
  • Includes an envelope with special FIX Puzzle glue to hang the puzzle after assembly. The parts will be permanently attached.
  • Stimulate your mind and creativity: Educa's puzzles are a perfect activity for developing fine motor skills, visual memory and psychomotor skills, in addition to stimulating the curiosity and imagination of children and adults.
  • Environmentally friendly product Thanks to its production with vegetable inks, these are based on renewable and organic materials with almost zero release of CoV (volatile organic compounds).
  • High quality materials and optimal lace. Creating puzzles Since 1967, Educa has been synonymous with quality and experience. Our 500 piece adult puzzles are recommended for ages 11 and up.

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