Free Mobile: the €2 plan is evolving, to the detriment of new subscribers

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The blocking of the price of Free Mobile packages announced by Xavier Niel in 2022 (reconfirmed in January 2024) unfortunately does not concern the options offered on the packages. The Booster option of the €2 package has just evolved.

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Previously offering 5 GB of mobile data for €2.99 per month, this option now provides 20 GB for €4.99 per month. Please note: people who subscribed before this change can keep the same offer as before or opt for the new one (with a €10 activation fee).

The problem, however, is for future subscribers to the €2 package, who are forced to subscribe to the new Booster option in order to exceed the 5 MB of mobile data included initially. The bill thus rises to €6.99 per month for a package with 20 GB of mobile data in France and 10 GB in Europe, unlimited SMS and MMS and two hours of calls.

For their part, the Freebox subscribers can still benefit from the €2 package for free. They will only have to pay the €4.99 per month option to increase their data envelope.

For the moment, Free Mobile has not communicated on this subject. At first glance, we might think that this change aims to respond more effectively to the mobile data needs of the French, but also to reposition itself in the face of competition.

For €6.99 per month, RED by SFR offers 20 GB in France and 11 GB in EU/DOM; B&You for its part increases to 16 GB abroad; and Sosh is playing coy with 10 GB in France and 10 others in Europe and the overseas departments. These offers still have a major advantage compared to the €2 plan: unlimited calls.

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