iPad Pro M4: everything Apple didn't announce during its Let Loose conference

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For its first keynote of the year 2024, called Let Loose, Apple has given pride of place to iPads, particularly the Pro models. However, the Apple firm has not said everything about its latest high-end tablets. Additional information was discovered by Internet users and media after the announcement of this new generation.

To start, all iPad Pro M4 are not in the same boat in terms of performance. The quantity of RAM and CPU cores actually differs depending on the configurations with 8 GB of RAM and 9 CPU cores for the 256/512 GB storage versions; 16 GB of RAM and 10 CPU cores for the 1 and 2 TB models. As a bonus, these latest versions are the only ones where the nanotextured glass option is available for an additional €130.

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The contents of the iPad Pro M4 box, but also iPad Air M2undergoes a diet compared to previous generations with two fewer elements: the charger (as on iPhones for many years) and the stickers with the Apple logo.

Concerning these, 9to5Mac reported a memo sent this Tuesday, May 7 to Apple Store teams, explaining that this absence is part of Apple's environmental objectives, which now ensures that its packaging is completely free of plastic.

One last change was kept quiet during the keynote: the SIM card slot. The latter has completely disappeared on the iPad Air M2 and iPad Pro M4, replaced by eSIM technology. Unlike the iPhone, for which this modification is limited to the United States, this is an evolution applied to all models marketed worldwide.

Changes have been made to the accessories side of the new iPad Pro and Air. Thus, theApple Pencil USB-C sees its price slightly lowered (from €95 to €89), while the Smart Folio case now offers more viewing angles.

Let us recall in passing that Apple has updated its keyboard Magic Keyboard and launched the Apple Pencil Pro.

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