It's official: the console that will succeed the Nintendo Switch will be announced “soon”

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Nintendo Switch

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An official announcement that was long overdue

No question of an immediate launch however. The man states that an announcement (full or partial presentation?) about the successor to the Nintendo Switch would take place during the fiscal year. This announcement can therefore take place any time between now and March 31, 2025.

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Mario on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch will soon have a replacement.

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The latest rumor speaks of a launch planned for the first quarter of 2025. An announcement at the end of 2024 would therefore not be excluded, although a launch before the crucial Christmas period would certainly be beneficial for Nintendo.

Furthermore, the message specifies that a Nintendo Direct focused on Nintendo Switch games coming in the second half of 2024 will be held next June. There will be no mention of the Nintendo Switch 2.

What to expect from Nintendo Switch 2?

Only a few more months to wait to find out if the latest rumors surrounding the characteristics of the Nintendo Switch 2 are true. In particular, there was talk of magnetically attached controllers, backward compatibility (or not) and of ray tracing support. To your (latest) predictions!

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