Windows 11: This update may slow down the performance of your SSD

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Microsoft is still struggling to impose Windows 11, but Windows 10 is doing well

Bad news for users of a Windows 11 device. As reported TechRadarthe next update 24H2 “could enable BitLocker by default during installation”. As a reminder, this is Microsoft's encryption solution for SSD drives.

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BitLocker restricts SSD performance

The problem is that BitLocker encryption is notorious for slowing down SSD performance, up to 45% in some cases. This slowdown is caused by constant background encryption and decryption, which puts strain on the hard drive and affects its performance.

The second concern with this automatic activation is that a user unfamiliar with encryption or the use of BitLocker could encrypt their data but not be able to decrypt it because of a key that is lost or missing. has not been saved.

Then, as explained Stacksmashing, a specialized YouTube channel, encryption via BitLocker can be cracked very easily. If your machine has a dedicated external Trusted Platform Module (TPM), encrypted data can be decrypted and then read. All it takes is a Raspberry Pi Pico sold for around $10 and physical access to achieve this.

Rest assured, there is a solution to disable encryption by default via BitLocker. But there is a downside since it is reserved for Windows 11 Professional, Education and Enterprise for the moment. If you have one of these versions, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Device Encryption.

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