Airfryer NA352/00: Philips gives in to the trend for double-drawer oil-free fryers

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The double drawer is all the rage on oil-free fryers, even Philips ended up getting into it with the AirFryer Series 3000 NA352/00. This new model therefore offers two independent, but not identical, cooking spaces. Just like Moulinexthe Dutch preferred to offer one drawer larger than the other in order to facilitate the cooking of large pieces, without offering a device that is too bulky.

More precisely, the Philips Airfryer NA352/00 offers a total capacity of 9 l, distributed over 6 l and 3 l baskets in drawer format. The manufacturer announces that it is possible to cook a chicken up to 1.5 kg or the same weight of Brussels sprouts in the single large drawer. Of course, each cooking space has its own heating system (total power announced at 2750 W) and can be adjusted independently to cook different foods (up to 1 hour for the duration and between 40 and 200°C for the temperature).

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If it concerns foods from the same dish, a function allows you to synchronize the cooking so that they finish at the same time. Conversely, if both drawers are used to cook the same thing, a function is provided to copy the settings from one drawer to the other.

Philips therefore offers predefined settings for eight types of ingredient or preparation, all with direct access via sensitive buttons on the top of the fryer. It is certainly less intuitive than the screen of theAirfryer HD9880, but remember that this is a 3000 series model, an entry-level model from Philips. The firm could obviously offer a more high-end model later. In the meantime, the competition is no better when it comes to the control panel.

Philips also offers a very interesting recipe app and its RapidAir hot air cooking technology has rarely disappointed us. After the meal, the fryer baskets can be put in the dishwasher.

The first Philips double drawer Airfryer is now available at the recommended retail price of €200. Note that a NA352/04 version is available with a rack to slide into the large drawer for cooking on two levels, at the recommended retail price of €230.

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