Casio GBD-200-1ER Bluetooth Watch

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Casio GBD-200-1ER Watch
+ 2nd battery offered*
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Bluetooth® Smart
The watch is equipped with energy-saving Bluetooth® technology allowing data exchange at the touch of a button. The Bluetooth® function allows you to wirelessly connect the watch to a smartphone, giving access to a multitude of very practical features.

Smartphone time
If the clock is paired with the smartphone, the time is set automatically and display the current time if the whole world.

Super-Auto LED Light
If the ambient light decreases, a movement of the wrist illuminates the dial with a powerful, colorful light.

Impact resistance
The shock-resistant structure protects the watch against impacts and vibrations.

Step counter
The watch measures the number of steps taken.

The accelerometer reacts to acceleration and displays the speed on the screen. It is also essential to the watch's autorotation function, ensuring that the screen always displays the image in the correct orientation.

Training Log
A training log records the number of steps, calorie consumption as well as distance and lap times and allows training units to be compared.

Training Planner
Set individual training goals

Training Analysis
Analysis of training status, fitness level, training load as well as recovery time.

Timing function – 1/100 sec – 100 h
Timing to the second: elapsed time, partial time and final time. Audible warning signals confirm the start and stop. The timing time reaches up to 100 Hours.
100 lap memory
This memory allows you to record timings, lap durations and dated intermediate times for later consultation. A data block consists of the following information: date, timing, lap duration and split times. The memory can store 100 such data blocks.

5 countdowns – 1/1 sec – 60 minutes (with auto repeat function)
This model has five independent countdowns which emit a signal after the programmed time has elapsed before automatically resuming from the pre-programmed time. The measuring capacity of the watch reaches up to 60 minutes and can be adjusted in 1 second increments.

4 daily alarms
An audible alarm reminds you daily of your deadlines at the scheduled time. This model has four independent alarms to flexibly remind you of your important appointments.

Snooze function
Every time you stop the alarm, it goes off again a few minutes later.

Vibrating alarm
The vibrating alarm discreetly reminds you of your important appointments, without any loud signals.

On/Off button beep
The key beep sound can be turned off with the mode key. After deactivation, there is no longer a beep when switching from one function to another. However, the programmed alarms or countdowns remain active after the button beep is deactivated.

Find my phone function
Have you misplaced your smartphone? All you have to do is press one of the buttons on the watch and your smartphone will sound an alarm.

Mineral glass
Hard, scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the watch from unsightly damage.
Resin bracelet
Thanks to its extreme durability and flexibility, synthetic resin is an ideal material for bracelets.

The folding clasp makes it easy and quick to put your watch on and take it off.

2 years – 1 battery
The battery provides the watch with the necessary energy for approx. 2 years.

Waterproof class (20 bars)
Perfect for swimming and diving without equipment: the watch is water resistant up to 20 bars (ISO 22810).

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