Dreame L10S Pro Ultra Heat Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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748€ – Amazon.it

One of the best prices to date.
On the other hand, Amazon Italy.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Mop Extension, Automatic Self-Cleaning of Mops with Hot Water, 7,000 Pa Suction, Dreamehome App.

Main highlights
MopExtend technology for intensive edge cleaning: With advanced edge recognition, mop extension and retraction, our robot vacuum is effective in every corner
Effortless robot maintenance with water: One less chore with automatic maintenance. It cleans the mops with water and air dries them.
Super suction of 7,000Pa: Do you want performance? Strong suction of 7,000Pa* is perfect for hard floors and carpets, and handles messes in corners.
Rewash Mop and Reclean Floors: Advanced dirt detection technology scans mops and floors for a double clean.
Intelligent obstacle avoidance for precise cleaning: With intelligent recognition and 3D lighting, our expert can identify and avoid more than 55 types of objects.

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