Lego Technic Volvo FMX truck and electric excavator construction set (42175) – 2274 pieces

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169.99€ – JB Spielwaren

A new Lego Technic will join the collection this summer at the public price of €199

LEGO Technic 42175: Volvo FMX Truck & EC230 Electric Excavator
2274 pieces

– Dimensions – The model in this set will measure over 8 cm high, 68 cm long and 13 cm wide

With its trailer, its electric excavator and its charging station, The LEGO Technic Volvo FMX Truck and EC230 Electric Excavator (42175) set allows children to immerse themselves in the construction of 2 detailed vehicles.


LEGO Technic models feature realistic movements and mechanisms that introduce youngsters to the world of engineering

Once again a great set for children who are fans of construction vehicles!

Young builders can open the LEGO Technic truck doors and tilt the operator's cab to admire the V6 engine with moving pistons. They can then move the truck into position, detach the trailer and extend the ramp to lower the excavator.

The excavator features opening doors and many features. Look at her rotate 360° on its tracks And use the pneumatic function to raise and lower the bucket. Young construction enthusiasts can imagine themselves at work on a site, lifting and lowering the charging station with the bucket and chains.

– Buildable Volvo Truck with Backhoe – Invite kids to build their own construction vehicle with a trailer, backhoe and charging station
– Functional Details – Check out the moving piston V6 engine, then put the truck into position, detach the trailer and extend the ramp to lower the excavator
– Explore the Excavator – Kids can rotate the excavator 360 degrees on its tracks, then use the air pump to raise and lower the bucket
– Charging station – Children who love model vehicles can have fun lifting and lowering the charging station using the bucket and chains, then connecting it to the electric excavator

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