Electric cars: Ford’s turn to lower its ambitions

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Many manufacturers have hastily announced the abandonment of internal combustion engines in their range by setting different deadlines. At Ford, the year 2030 was chosen to complete the manufacturer's transition to electric cars on European soil, five years before the requirements currently planned by the EU.

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As this deadline approaches, Ford is forced to face the facts and is now revising its ambitions downwards. After 2030, the brand will be able to continue to offer cars equipped with internal combustion engines in Europe. “If we see strong demand, for example for plug-in hybrid vehicles, we will offer them”explains Martin Sander, head of Ford's passenger car business in Europe (source: Automotive News Europe).

Ford still believes in electric cars

For Ford, it is not a question of knowing whether the electric car will prevail or not, but when. The manufacturer still believes in the advent of this technology, but recognizes that demand for its electric cars has been lower than anticipated. It must be said that the electric models that the manufacturer offers in Europe are not numerous.

Ford's electrification standard-bearer, the Mustang Mach-E, does not directly meet the requirements of the European market. He is also forced to evolve in the same category as the Tesla Model Ywhose very competitive prices give it overwhelming success.

Ford happily plans to launch more compact and affordable electric models, like its new compact SUV Exploreor its next Puma Gen-E city SUV.

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