Armored Core VI on PC (Steam – Digital)

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“Stoke the fire. Let the last ashes burn.”

Building on the experience acquired with the DARK SOULS and ELDEN RING license games, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and FromSoftware offer a new action game.
Combining FromSoftware's expertise in mecha and action gaming, ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON delivers an explosive new experience to the series. In ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, choose from numerous weapons and parts to assemble your own mech, then roam freely in environments that redefine three-dimensional movement.
Face formidable opponents and
Dominate them using a variety of dynamic moves and a large arsenal of ranged and melee weapons. Immerse yourself in high-octane battles with frenetic action. Synopsis A strange substance was discovered on the remote planet Rubicon 3. As a source of energy, it could have enabled immense advances in technology and communication, but it caused a massive firestorm that ravaged the planet and surrounding stars, leaving in its wake a solar system devoured by flames. Nearly half a century later, this substance resurfaced on Rubicon 3. The planet, now contaminated, has been banned from access since the disaster. However, companies from other planets and groups of resistance fight for its control. Infiltrate Rubicon as an independent mercenary and immerse yourself in a fight for the mysterious substance with the Companies and other factions. Features Dynamic, multi-directional battles –

Pilot your mech in frenetic multi-directional battles and exploit its mobility on land and in the air to achieve victory. Your Mecha, Your Playstyle – Customize your Mecha between missions to experience different playstyles. Select your favorite pieces via an elaborate customization system that greatly affects your strategy, mobility, and way you fight in ever more epic battles . Thrilling Boss Battles – Implement offensive and defensive strategies using close or ranged combat to defeat formidable bosses.

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