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Monster Hunter Rise for PC is an action adventure game, the sixth main game in the Monster Hunter series. This game took the best bits from the previous five games to deliver a distillation of everything fans love about this game. As always, the player takes on the role of the eponymous hunter, tasked with capturing or killing large creatures.

About the game
The story begins with your graduation from the Monster Hunter Academy. You are immediately taken to Kamura Village and explained the history, namely that there has not been an epidemic or monster attack in about fifty years in the village. But the signs are worrying: a “Rampage” is about to occur. So you and your fellow hunters must prepare as best you can, with the help of the elders, of course.

As a newly qualified Hunter, prepared for the next Rampage, you must complete a series of quests to ensure that you and everyone else survives what is coming. There are a number of useful tools to use, some of which are innovations in this game.

For example, the Wirebug grapple tool helps you move quickly and easily. Wirebugs are small beetles, and it is the female of the species that is useful to hunters. They are essentially a recharge resource that allows you to jump into the air, climb any wall, help you recover after big hits, and so on.

The Wirebugs' powers are also coupled with special Silkbind moves, which use silk produced by the Wirebugs themselves. This silk can be used to tie monsters to ride, climb higher, etc. It's hard to overstate how much you'll use your wire bugs, as they influence the pace of the game in and out of combat, bringing extra power to your conventional weapons in the heat of battle for even more exciting fights.

There is a huge cast of monsters to hunt, capture or kill. There are at least thirty different beasts, ten of which are unique to this game: try to catch them all, from the fruit-throwing Bishaten which looks like a bird-monkey hybrid, to the elegant Aknosom, the crane of fire, or the immense platinum turtle Tetranadon which seems to have been inspired by the Japanese art of sumo.

You can reduce each monster to submission, dealing damage to it. At this point, you can indulge in Wyvern riding – or use this monster as your mount to take down other monsters!

The map is transparent, with no divisions between regions or zones, and as the name suggests, verticality is key. When you climb cliffs, walls and mountains, you can continue the main activity of the game: killing monsters! The monsters you kill earn you loot (usually monster pieces), from which you can craft larger weapons and better armor so you can take on larger and more powerful beasts.

You are not alone in the game, you have a Palamute (a kind of dog) which is both an AI companion and a fast travel mode. You can ride your Palamute to save your stamina while moving around the map, and it can also climb well and help you attack monsters to double your gains.

Palamutes join Palicos in the roster, the latter being feline humanoid companions from previous Monster Hunter games.

What's new
There are several ways to play: single player, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer. In single-player mode, you can choose two companions from any combination of Palamute and Palico that you prefer.

There's also a survival mode, aptly called Rampage, in which you must defend a village against a horde of monsters that keep arriving. This mode feels like a tower defense mode, which pairs well with normal gameplay to mix things up.
The graphics are superb and draw heavily from Japanese mythology and feudal medieval culture. Gameplay is snappy and responsive, which is what you need in a game like this that relies on speed and precision. Performing these moves is a real pleasure thanks to the game's high responsiveness, and not torture as can be the case with games that drag at the wrong time to let the bad guys catch up with you.

As you progress towards the end of the game, you're not the only one getting better at fighting more monsters, landscapes become harder to traverse, enemies become more cunning, better at combat, and generally keep going to keep you in suspense. Landscapes become more difficult to traverse, enemies more cunning, more effective and generally require you to remain vigilant. But the rewards are also adequately increased, which is a good compromise for most players!

There are rewards for navigating the map, which is a nice bonus given that you can have fun poking around the edges of the game. You can play until the end of the story, or take your time and complete all the side quests as you go, the choice is yours. While the Nintendo version of this game was good, the PC version is even better, with smoother action and truly cinematic visuals.

Types of Weapons to Try
There are fourteen types of weapons in the game, and you can try them all, improving your skills and stats as you progress. Some of these weapons are unconventional, which adds to the fun of the game!

– Swords: simple and easy to use: hold the hilt and stab it into beasts! – Shields: hide behind them, throw them at unwary enemies, think of other ways to use them – Staffs : Essentially long sticks, they can be used to devastating effect once you have mastered their use – Bows: Stay out of range and pick off enemies, one by one – Rifles: Like bows, rifles are great for sniping, but you won't have long after the first shot rings out before the monsters run away or chase you – Hunting Horns: activate this horn for sonic damage – disorient your enemies with it – Noxious Toads: make attacking monsters sick and retreat for a moment, giving you time to rush in with a sword, or take your best shot And many more!

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