Mooer Hornet Modeling/BT Combo Modeling Guitar Amp – Black or White Version

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89€ – Thomann

Michael Jackson was a pioneer.
Indeed, these two amps were not even yet in the brains of their creators, when the King of Pop was already asking himself the question, and making a song about it: Black Or White.

I don't really know how he could have been aware of what Mooer was going to create more than 30 years later, but he had a sense of anticipation, and was already wondering, is it better to have a small amp? rather metal-oriented modeling (Black), or a small modeling amp on which you can also play electro-acoustics and bass (White)?

Holy Michael, it was well worth making a song about it, because we always ask ourselves the question. That said, at €89 each, at worst you can get both. Besides, I wonder, with the income he had at the time, why Michael Jackson asked himself the question, he had more than enough to take both. If he had made a song every time he had something to choose from, we would have had dozens of songs like “Ketchup or Mayo” or “Slip Or Caleçon”, which wouldn't necessarily have increased his reputation.

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To compare :

Characteristics (Black):

  • Power: 15 Watt RMS at 4 Ohm
  • 1 6.5″ Custom speaker
  • Bluetooth wireless connection for AUX input
  • Black: 9 high-quality digital recreations of popular guitar amps: JZ CLEAN, F.CLEAN, PL 100, PV 5150, TRIPLE, MK IV, POWER DS, MOGNER and MOOER MT
  • White: 9 high-quality digital recreations of popular amps for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass
  • 3 modulation effects: Chorus, Phaser, Vibrato
  • 3 types of delay: Analog, Tape Echo, digital
  • 3 types of reverb: Room, Hall, Church
  • 2 operating modes: Live & Preset
  • Independent Tap Tempo for modulation effects and delay
  • Built-in tuner
  • 9 user presets
  • Controls: Gain, Treble Mid, Bass, Volume, Mod, Delay, Reverb
  • 9-position rotary switch for amplifier model selection
  • Live/Preset switch
  • Control keys: M.Tap, D.Tap, BT, Tuner
  • LED screen
  • Instrument input on 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Headphone output on 3.5 mm stereo mini jack
  • AUX input on 3.5 mm stereo mini jack
  • 18 V DC power supply included
  • Current consumption: approx. 2000mA
  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 290 x 255 x 173 mm
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Tolex covering

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