After the acquisition of Tricount, Bunq has a nice surprise in store for users

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Less known in France than the Revolut, BoursoBank and others HelloBank, the Dutch neobank Bunq gained notoriety with us in June 2022, after its purchase of the Tricount service and its 5.4 million users (in June 2022). However, this information was mainly of interest to insiders. That of the day should, however, find a greater resonance with the general public.

Bank card and travel insurance

As part of Bunq Update 25, an event organized at the DeLaMar theater in Amsterdam, Bunq announced that it planned to offer a free credit card to millions of Tricount users. A service which still has the particularity of having half of its users in France. In addition to benefiting from a complete overhaul of their application interface, Tricount fans will now be able to easily pay for common expenses and pay contactless via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Bunq also took advantage of its conference to announce the launch of its global travel insurance. This promises transparent coverage for French globetrotters. Let us recall in passing that Bunq adopted a targeted strategy from its beginnings: to become the neobank of reference throughout the world for those it calls “digital nomads”.

A strategic French market for Bunq

With 12.5 million active users and 8 billion euros in deposits, Bunq does not hide the fact that the French market has become a priority area of ​​conquest for it. The strategic acquisition of Tricount in May 2022, the majority of whose users are French, was a first step in this direction. Since then, Bunq claims that the application has seen its user base more than double, recording an increase of 115% since June 2022. Without, however, giving new precise figures.

Why has our market become a priority? In addition to our fellow citizens' appetite for Tricount, a Statista study reveals that in 2022, more and more French people will use contactless payment for their purchases (see graph below). A trend which has undoubtedly grown since then. By offering a free credit card and comprehensive travel insurance, Bunq hopes to meet the specific expectations of this customer base who has already converted to digital. It remains to be seen whether this strategy and the new functionalities will be enough to convince the French, who have seen neobank offers multiply in recent times.

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