Air Conditioner – 9000 BTU

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Equipped with LED display, 24-hour timer and sleep mode
To be adjusted to 2 fan speeds
Remote controllable (remote control included)
> > >Keep a pleasant temperature in any room where you place this Alpina air conditioner, whether it is the bedroom, office or kitchen. The unit is equipped with casters, so you can easily move it from room to room. > > > > > > >LED display screen and remote control > > > > >The air conditioner has an LED display that shows the temperature and different positions, as well as a remote control to control it from a distance. If it's stiflingly hot, fortunately there's no need to get up to change the setting or temperature. > > > >Set the desired ventilation speed yourself or turn on the timer (24 hours) so that the air conditioner turns on automatically. It even has a sleep mode for optimal sleep. > > > > > > >Cooling power > > > > >The cooling power of the air conditioner is 9000 BTU, which is suitable for rooms up to 60 m³. The amount of BTUs needed to obtain a pleasant temperature depends on several factors: the size of the room, but also where the room is located in the building. Under the attic or in a room exposed to the sun, it is often much warmer. But the number of exterior walls and how they are insulated also play a role. > > > >On average, for each cubic meter, it takes around 30 to 40 watts of cooling power to cool a house. This is approximately 100 to 135 BTU per m³. So calculate how many BTUs you need at home or at work to stay cool. > > > > > > >Dehumidification > > > > >This air conditioner cools the air, but that's not all. It also removes humidity from the air. Indeed, cool air contains less water vapor than hot air. > > > > > > >Manufacturer warranty > > > > >Finally, this air conditioner is guaranteed for 2 years, which at least assures you that every room you place it in is nice and cool for 2 years. >

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