Cabasse launches The Pearl Myuki, a portable speaker competing with the Devialet Mania

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The market for luxury connected speakers has for several years given pride of place to portable models. We remember in particular the Mania launched in November 2022 by Devialet, still marketed at a price of €790, or even the Beosound A5 from Bang & Olufsen available at €999 since April 2023. In this month of May 2024, another French actor has decided to embark on the adventure: Cabasse.

The brand announced on May 13, 2024 a battery-powered speaker called The Pearl Myuki. Taking the shape of a sphere, this new audio product from Cabasse features two 12 cm side speakers for bass and a 4.5 cm central speaker for midrange and treble. Not surprisingly, it delivers mono audio rendering, which can be transformed into stereo thanks to pairing with a second model.

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In terms of performance, The Pearl Myuki benefits from a bandwidth ranging from 30 to 23,000 Hz and a power of 100 W. The audio formats supported are as follows: MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, Ogg, Vorbis, DSD 64/128 and WMA lossless.

In terms of use, there are six tactile buttons at the top of the product, allowing you to change sources, start/pause content, manage the volume or even turn the speaker on/off. Connectivity and connectivity are intended to be complete, with support for Bluetooth, wifi and AirPlay 2 technologies as well as the presence of an optical input, a 3.5 mm jack port, an Ethernet and a USB/C.

To finish the presentations, Cabasse offers a slightly more attractive autonomy than the Devialet Mania, offering 12 hours of listening time on its new speaker.

The Pearl Myuki will be available in France from June 2024 at a price of €990.

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