€699 LaserPecker 2 Pro laser engraver and cutter with amplifier, roller (works on flat surfaces, cylinders, etc.)

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Probably the best price for this type of device with currently a Great offer on the LaserPecker 2 Pro laser engraver and cutter (version also including the rotating support)!

LaserPecker 2 Pro laser engraver and cutterLaserPecker 2 Pro laser engraver and cutter
LaserPecker 2 Pro laser engraver and cutter

From a kickstarter campaign which raised more than 5 million euros The LaserPecker 2 revolutionizes and makes engraving accessible with dual-lens galvanometric technology that makes this tool super fast. Maximum engraving speed of 600 mm/simage/graphics preview speed up to 3750mm/s.

LaserPecker 2 adds powerful features and easy-to-use interface to make laser engraving affordable and simple for beginners, amateurs and professionals. This sleek, compact, plug-and-play device installs in seconds and works with a smartphone to transfer images and start burning in just a few clicks.

Three options of engraving resolution (1k, 1.3k and 2k) allow you to achieve perfect detail at your fingertips. 10 times faster speed, 10 times more possibilities!

With a super-fast preview speed of 3750 mm/s, its potential is obvious. The Galvano scanning system, industrial quality and fully digital, fully supports square and graph preview, making positioning much easier, more precise and more intuitive. What you see is what you get!

Conventional engravers offer very limited engraving options, and you are limited to only one way to engrave – flat on the table. What if you really need a portable, handheld engraving solution that can do it all? LaserPecker 2 is capable of performing 360° rotating engravings on cylindrical objects, as well as on curved or irregular surfaces. The LaserPecler 2 simply does it all.

With the auxiliary booster (included) of LaserPecker 2the maximum engraving size is increased up to 100x2000mm, allowing you to effortlessly engrave anything up to two meters in size.

laserpecker 2 can engrave almost anythinglaserpecker 2 can engrave almost anything

LaserPecker 2 can engrave almost anything and everywhere whatever comes to mind. Metal, dark glass, colored ceramics, wood, bamboo, leather, paper, fruit, food, plastic, acrylic, stone, cement, bone, all layers of materials, everything!

LaserPecker 2 Pro Promotion

And right now Geekbuying offers the best price on the LaserPecker 2 Pro because by using a promo code you only pay for it 699€ with free delivery (from Europe)

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Free delivery (from Europe warehouse – no VAT charges)

Almost all laser engravers on the market are either too bulky to take on the go or too expensive to be good value for money. With the new generation LaserPecker Pro you now have a versatile solution at an ultra affordable price.

A valid offer, while stocks last until the end of the month.

⏩ See the LaserPecker 2 Pro laser engraver on Geekbuying ⏪

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