Gemini: finding your photos on Google Photos has never been easier

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It won't have dragged on. From the first minutes of its Google I/O 2024 conference, Google began to release announcements relating to its Gemini AI. Already very present within the firm's services and applications, Gemini will occupy an ever more prominent place in the future. We learned today that starting this summer, the Mountain View giant's artificial intelligence will be even more present in Google Photos, where it should work small miracles.

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Thanks to Ask Photos and Gemini, the group explains that it will soon be possible to question the application in natural language to find a particular photo in its photo library, easily and in just a few seconds. To demonstrate the relevance of this new functionality, Google has revealed two use cases that are actually quite convincing.

The first: try to find, in your photos, the license plate of your vehicle to obtain a parking meter ticket. With Gemini, no need to scroll endlessly, just ask the AI ​​for your license plate so that the latter identifies the photos of vehicles available in the photo library, identifies the most frequently represented ones, then cross-references them with the information to be found. its arrangement in such a way as to identify your particular vehicle… with a view of the plate at the key.

Second scenario, perhaps more impressive: try to remember when your child learned to swim. A simple question along these lines asked to Gemini will allow the AI ​​to search through Google Photos, until it finds the photos taken at the precise moment when your offspring managed to do better than simply splash around in the pool. The photos in question are then highlighted, with the added bonus of a summary allowing you to find out more about this event (place, date, context, etc.). All of this will respond to requests in the form of “natural” phrases, and not simply keyword searches, which we will be sure to try as soon as this feature is deployed.

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