GPT-4o: the new high-performance model available for all ChatGPT users

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ChatGPT is OpenAI's chatbot, based on the GPT artificial intelligence model, allowing you to answer all kinds of questions or requests. Available in free online version.

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A press conference held on May 13, 2024 by OpenAI revealed a multitude of new features for ChatGPT. The most important concerns the GPT-4 language modelbenefiting from a boost and accessibility.

Sam Altman's firm presented the improved version GPT-4o for free users, capable of offering increased execution speed, better performance and improved text, image and audio interpretation capabilities.

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For example, it is now possible to capture a menu in another language and ask GPT-4o to translate it, tell the history and meaning of the food, and even get recommendations.

OpenAI even goes so far as to assert that “GPT-4o is much better than any existing model for understanding and discussing the images you share”.

The company also highlighted its plans for ChatGPT, such as the introduction of more natural and real-time voice conversations, but also the possibility of live chat “through video”. These new audio exchange capabilities will arrive in the coming weeks in alpha version to Plus subscribers.

OpenAI also announced that GPT-4o brings previously paid features to free users, including the ability to analyze documents and images, use GPTs available in the GPT Store, or a more personal experience thanks to the functionality of permanent memory.

GPT-4o is not yet deployed everywhere. Unsurprisingly, Plus subscribers are already entitled to it, while free users will have to wait a few weeks to benefit from it.

The May 13 conference was also an opportunity for OpenAI to unveil an application for macOS. The next big moment for the company should be WWDC 2024, where Apple will make theintroduction of ChatGPT in iOS 18.

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