Himalaya Sparkly White fluoride-free toothpaste – pack of 6 (i.e. €2.57 per 75 mL tube)

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€15.42 – Amazon

The price of the lot has fallen by almost 2 euros. I read that this brand seems to satisfy its users (anti-tartar, whitening, anti-inflammatory actions) so I wanted to try it. I was hesitating between a batch of Sparkly White (whitening toothpaste) and another of Stain Away (anti-stain toothpaste), the first being less expensive for a very probably equivalent result, I opted for the toothpaste here (y) (and then I am really curious to know what a toothpaste gives cinnamon flavor… (confused) ).

I noticed that it is very complicated to find fluoride-free toothpaste in stores. (excluding organic stores at the limit) and it's even worse when you're looking for it at a decent pricewith a good texture and an efficiency real. I know some people prefer to use toothpaste without fluoride (because fluoride is poison*) so I wanted to share the deal here, sometimes it might interest other people.

(*Fluoride is one of the most abundant elements on Earth. It is frequently incorporated (in very small quantities) in oral hygiene products as well as in table salt for its cariostatic effect (fluoride temporarily seals micro-cracks in tooth enamel, which helps prevent cavities from forming). However, because fluoride is a highly toxic element (like mercury and arsenic for example), more and more people want to eliminate it from their oral hygiene routine. Let us never forget the words of Paracelsus: “ Everything is poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes something not a poison. “)

Personally, I change toothpaste regularly: in tube or chewable tablet, with or without fluoride, with hydroxyapatite (main component of dental enamel), with marketing supplement, etc. (excited) I tried a few! I'm still looking for a toothpaste that would satisfy me more than the others (and without costing an arm and a leg like the Regenerate there…).

Coming back to the Himalaya “Sparkly White” toothpaste: to tell the truth, I would certainly have preferred a composition without titanium dioxide but it remains completely acceptable for a product that you spit out. I noticed that the Himalaya brand does not have the most beautiful compositions in the world but, on the other hand, according to the Amazon reviews, Himalaya toothpastes seem very effective ! and as a general rule, efficiency always has a health cost… acceptable as long as it is reasonable. 😉 (I mention this because I sometimes come across Yuka obsessives who can't read half of a composition and who worry about cosmetic products… without worrying about what they ingest at every meal. )

If you ever have a great toothpaste to recommend, I’m all ears! (party)

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