Is it necessary to install an antivirus on your smartphone or tablet?

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Mac or Linux computer users are less likely to be attacked… My smartphone or tablet can't be hacked because it's connected to my home's secure wifi… Everyone has heard these preconceptions, which are no longer relevant…

Yes, it is possible to be hacked, whatever the operating system installed on your PC, or on your mobile device… You think you are safe by downloading applications from official stores… but when you use the public wifi in your coworking space or you surf the internet on public transport with your mobile network, you are vulnerable.

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Viruses and malware no longer only target computers, but also attack our mobile devices, harvesting personal data through fraudulent sites and fake applications. Installing an antivirus, such as Norton Mobile Security, Avast One or AVG Ultimate, can effectively protect against these threats.

  1. Norton Mobile Security, the most specific solution
  2. Avast One, the global protection solution
  3. AVG Ultimate, a rich range of features

Malware uses various methods to infiltrate smartphones and tablets, often exploiting weaknesses in operating systems, browsers or certain user behaviors.

Malicious applications: Downloading applications from unofficial sources is a common cause of infection. Android users are particularly vulnerable because Google allows apps to be downloaded outside of Google Play (APK files). Even iPhone users aren't completely safe, as malicious apps can sometimes slip into the App Store.

Social engineering: Cybercriminals use social engineering techniques to trick users into downloading malware. This can be done through fake apps, text messages, emails or fake websites.

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Unsecured Wi-Fi networks: Connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks can expose your device to attacks. Hackers can exploit these networks to intercept transmitted data or to distribute malware.

Malvertising: Clicking on malicious ads may trigger malware to download to your device. These ads may appear on legitimate websites, making them difficult to detect.

Stealth downloads: Some malicious websites use stealth downloading techniques to install malware without user interaction, exploiting vulnerabilities in browsers or applications.

What are the best practices to adopt to protect your mobile device and your data?

First of all, it is essential to keep applications and operating system up to date. Don't miss update alerts and regularly check that new applications haven't been installed without your knowledge.

Back up your data regularly on cloud storage spaces is a recommended practice on both PC and mobile. This will protect them if your device is infected or blocked by malware.

Protect your smartphone with a VPN and antivirus

Protect your smartphone with a VPN and antivirus

© Mohamed Hassan – pixabay

When you download and install a new application, it is common to receive notifications to authorize access to your data, your files, your camera… depending on the functionality of the application. Verify that access requests are justified… Why give access to your camera for a PDF viewer for example?

Pay attention to wifi and bluetooth connections that remain activated inadvertently and can constitute entry points for hackers. And above all, get an antivirus, preferably with VPN. It will not only secure your connections, but also analyze incoming applications and files, monitor data consumption and alert you in the event of significant overruns, a potential sign of an unauthorized connection, secure your data in an encrypted space, etc. .

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The top 3 antiviruses for smartphones and tablets

Norton Mobile Security, the most specific solution

Already well known for its efficient and easy-to-access security solutions, the publisher Symantec has developed a antivirus application that scans the network and alerts you to potential dangers, whether it's fraudulent sites, malicious SMS, suspicious emails or even applications containing malware. Active real-time protection is also implemented, removing any viruses detected. A blocking system is also offered for all hidden, unknown or blacklisted telephone calls.

Note that the application does not integrate a VPN strictly speaking, but has a WiFi Security function which uses advanced technology to detect potentially dangerous networks. Using an intuitive color-coding system, secure networks are distinguished from infected websites for safer browsing.

Protect your data and mobile device with Norton Mobile Security

Protect your data and mobile device with Norton Mobile Security

© Symantec

If you need antivirus for your PC and mobile devices, Norton 360 offers 2 subscription types, Deluxe And Advanced, providing protection for 5 or 10 devices respectively, including mobile devices running Android and iOS. You then kill two birds with one stone, not only protecting your computer and your phones, and also having a VPN to completely secure your data.

Avast One, the global protection solution

Avast offers a specific subscription for the protection of your mobile via downloading and upgrading from the official application store of your Android or iOS system. This is a license associated with the subscription Premium Securitywhich does not offer VPN or data breach monitoring.

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If you want to protect more than just one device, you must obtain a Gold or Premium Security license which protects not only your PC, but also your mobile devices, up to 30 and 10 devices respectively.

Avast One also includes features for your Android and iOS mobile devices

Avast One also includes features for your Android and iOS mobile devices

© Avast

And for a few euros per month, you will have a optimal protection with advanced firewall, virus, ransomware and malware blocking, camera protection, VPN, ad tracking blockingcleaning and optimization of device performance, and much more, depending on the offer chosen.

For mobile devices, this security suite deploys a wifi network analysis system which checks its encryption and security in order to detect security and confidentiality vulnerabilities. A function of data breach monitoring searches for leaked passwords as well as email addresses that may be circulating on the internet, allowing you to further secure your online accounts by changing passwords or making them stronger.

AVG Ultimate, a rich range of features

AVG Ultimate is also one of the recommended subscriptions to ensure global and effective protection on both PC and mobile. In addition to antivirus, anti-ransomware and anti-phishing protection, it checks the security of your WiFi connection, and protects you against fraudulent or suspicious sites.

It also integrates Secure VPN for a secure connection, even over public wifi and AVG TuneUp to save storage space by clearing the memory of your smartphone or tablet of temporary and unnecessary files.

Also protect your mobile with AVG Ultimate

Also protect your mobile with AVG Ultimate


In terms of functionalities specific to the mobile application, AVG offers a system of lock sensitive apps with a PIN, pattern or fingerprint, as well as GPS tracking to find a lost phone. If your smartphone is stolen, a photo taking function will allow you to identify the thief and find him more easily.

And to complete the range of features, users will also be able to benefit from a permission level manager for installed applications, and a safe for photos, independent of the gallery, to protect them from any prying eyes.

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