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– The black
-Nicholson Electroplating
– Reefer Madness
– The Consul's Car
– The Naked City
– Vice case and
-A Slip of the Tongue
– Traffic case

Using revolutionary facial animation technology, LA Noire is a thrillingly intense thriller that combines fast-paced action with real-life police detective work to provide players with an unprecedented interactive experience. Search for clues, pursue suspects and interview witnesses to try to uncover the truth in a city where everyone has something to hide.

In the heyday of Hollywood's golden age, LAPD Detective Cole Phelps finds himself thrust into a metropolis that is literally rising from the ground thanks to post-war prosperity. Corruption is endemic, drug trafficking flourishes and the crime rate is at its peak. In his fight to climb the ranks and bring justice, Phelps must solve a series of arsons, trafficking of all kinds and particularly bloody crimes. To do this, he will have to fight the LA underworld and even certain members of his own department. The secret he ends up discovering could well shake this booming metropolis…

This Complete Edition of LA Noire includes the full original game and all previously released downloadable content, including “Galvanoplasty Nicholson” (Arson), “Joints Galore” (Morals), “A Hot Latin” ( Traffic), “The city without veils” (Morals) and “A very gray map” (Traffic).

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