Metal detector with light and sound signal – BRESSER Junior

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BRESSER Metal detector with light and sound signal
Do you like adventure? So go exploring with the BRESSER Junior metal detector! Just unpack it and start looking: For a quick start, the device arrives at your home fully assembled. Simply insert a battery (not included) and adjust the adjustable handle to your size. And the fun begins!

Whether on the playground or in your own garden, the metal detector with its ergonomic handle allows you to comfortably explore every square centimeter. You can even submerge the search coil up to 15 cm. For large puddles and narrow streams! Using the metal detector is child's play: simply swing the search coil regularly about 2 cm from the ground. Do you hear a beep and the little light on the handle turns on? You then found a metal object that you must now recover. Always on the move with respect: did you know that there are different international regulations for searching with metal detectors? This is about protecting very special finds. It is therefore imperative that you find out about the rules and laws in force on site before you start. Discover exciting things – with the BRESSER Junior metal detector for curious children.


  • For the playground or in your own garden
  • Usable up to 15 cm underwater – perfect for large puddles and narrow streams
  • Sound and light signal on the handle in the event of metal discovery
  • Easy to use for children
  • Fully assembled for a quick start
  • Adjustable handle
  • With ergonomic handle
  • Age recommendation: from 8 years old

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