Mustache (re)makes its electric bike ranges

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Mustache continues its development by displaying its desire to innovate and meet the needs of its customers as closely as possible. The brand based in the Vosges is enriching its range with new configurations, that is to say new equipment, particularly around the transmission, installed on VAEs already present in the catalog.

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The first new features concern the J, a very high-end model which is characterized by its unique frame in the world entirely made in France. For the summer, Mustache first launches the J. On Automatic. On the program, as you will have understood, a fully automatic transmission from Enviolo. The idea is to offer flexible and natural pedaling, perfect for beginners, but also suitable for those who want to ride as simply as possible.

The system adapts to all situations and all lane profiles used. Quiet, it requires no extensive maintenance thanks to the use of a belt instead of the classic chain. The Enviolo transmission is preset for 65 pedal revolutions per minute and works in concert with the automatic mode of the Bosch Performance Line motor. This delivers a torque of 75 Nm and is based on a 500 Wh battery. The bike is sold for €6,599. You will have to pay €200 more to upgrade to a 625 Wh battery, while the additional 250 Wh Bosch PowerMore battery costs €500. This automatic version is also offered on the J. All with its all-road profile.

Second new feature still on the J model, the J. Nexus, more affordable since it arrives at the price of €5,199 with the same options as those mentioned previously. As the name suggests, this version relies on a Shimano Nexus drivetrain with five speeds integrated into the rear wheel hub. The user can change gears at any time, including when stationary, via a rotary control handle. The belt gives way to a classic chain.

Finally, the emblematic Monday inherits a new variation called Lundi 27.6 which costs €4,399 and is available in five colors: glossy stone gray, glossy terracotta, glossy black, matte blue and matte mint. This urban model adopts a continuously variable Enviolo transmission associated with a transmission belt. Equipment perfectly suited to smooth urban use. The Lundi 27.6 has a Bosch Performance Line 75 Nm motor and accommodates a 500 Wh PowerTube battery in its still-successfully designed frame.

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