Nintendo Switch 2: there will be no shortage when it is released, assures the manufacturer

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The presentation of the Nintendo Switch 2 will take place, as the manufacturer confirmed it on, although no date has been revealed yet. While it is rumored that his exit would take place in March 2025, the question of a shortage arises. The director of the Japanese firm, Shuntaro Furukawa, said he was confident about this.

Nintendo calm about Switch 2 stocks

Everyone remembers the long months of shortage which concerned the new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, mainly the PS5. For a long time, it was difficult to get your hands on these machines and scalpers took advantage of it to fill their pockets.

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Can we expect a similar situation for the Nintendo Switch 2? During a meeting with shareholders, the company's boss wanted to be reassuring. According to him, there will be enough semiconductors to meet demand when the console launches.

Unless there is an upheaval, it will therefore not be difficult to find a Nintendo Switch 2 when it is released. Or at least, you won't have to wait many months to get it, or face prices inflated by the scalpers who grab hold of low stocks.

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