Paris Olympics: a QR code to enter the security perimeter

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Around Paris During the Olympic Games

Before the opening ceremony and during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, a perimeter will be set up where you will need a QR code to circulate. If it's not the case, “you won’t be able to go back”warns the Minister of the Interior at The Parisian. The platform to collect the Games Pass is now available, here are the conditions.

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Which areas are accessible before the Olympics?

From the platform, it is now possible to request your Games Pass to travel within the security perimeter set up in Paris during the Olympic Games. A “good reason” is then required to accompany your request, specifies the prefect of police Laurent Nuñez on Franceinfo.

It is between July 18 and 26 that you will need to have the Games Pass to travel around the Seine. The QR code will be necessary to travel by motor vehicle in the red zone unlike pedestrians who will not need it. The authorities will, however, require proof of “legitimate interest” in case of control if you are on foot.

On the other hand, it will be obligatory to present your sesame to enter the gray zone called “Internal security and the fight against terrorism” (Silt), vehicles and pedestrians.

For motorized vehicles, QR codes can be issued “almost instantly”warns Laurent Nuñez on the microphone of Parisian. As for pedestrians, the Games Pass will take longer to arrive for reasons of “national security” since each request requires an administrative investigation by the authorities. Gérald Darmanin explained last April that the applicants' profiles will be compared to those in the intelligence services' files.

A mandatory QR code in the gray zone during the Olympics

Then, when the Paris Olympic Games are held from July 26 to August 11, the red zone will be extended around the event sites with the requirement of a QR code for motorized vehicles.

The gray perimeter will require a Games Pass from everyone except in the case of a ticket for the events or accreditation accompanied by an identity card in both cases.

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