ROG Ally X: the Asus PC console evolves at a minimum

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At a live on YouTube, Asus confirmed that the ROG Ally would undergo a refresh in 2024 accompanied by numerous updates. Better to say it right away, we don't notice anything that could push buyers of the first version to fall for the ROG Ally X.

Things that change

The ROG Ally 2024 has an official name: ROG Ally X. Asus has also found many adjectives in the language of Shakespeare to justify the addition of this X: eXtra, eXpand, eXtend.

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We understand the concept a little better by observing the list of new features revealed by Shawn Yen (senior vice president of Asus) and Gabriel Meng (Asus product manager) to our colleagues at The Verge. So, if you were hoping for additional performance, you can go your way since the developments mainly concern the extension of the RAM, which is also used as video memory by the Ryzen Z1 Extreme, the increase in storage, which goes to a 1TB SSD with a more common format of 2280 compared to 2230 before and a more powerful battery.

On this last point, Asus did not specify the capacity of the battery, but indicated to our colleagues that the autonomy would jump by more than 40%. Mathematically, if the battery capacity is increased, the weight of the console – currently 608 g – will increase proportionally.

The ROG Ally X will benefit from a black color.

The ROG Ally X will benefit from a black color.

© Asus

Apart from these changes, Asus mentioned an evolution of the connectivity, without further details. It will be interesting to see if the manufacturer keeps its bulky XG-Connect port, which allows you to connect the console to an external graphics card. The only certainty is that the microSD port will be moved due to the change in the internal layout of the console, and not because it tends to overheat and burn microSD cards… At least that's what Asus wants us to know. let it be known through the voice of Gabriel Meng.

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Finally, the sticks will be revisited to be interchangeable and more easily repairable. We secretly hope that Asus will have the good idea to use Hall effect sticks instead of traditional models, which tend to deteriorate and lose precision (drift).

And those who don't change

The ROG Ally X is not a ROG Ally 2, the heart of the beast, its processor, remains the same. It's still AMD's valiant Ryzen Z1 Extreme equipped with 8 multithreaded Zen4 cores and 12 RDNA3 GPU cores. AMD having not yet revealed any new features in this area, Asus remains dependent on its partner on this point. And it is not on the side of Intel that Asus will find its salvation: the Meteor Lake processors still lack maturity on the side of their graphics drivers, as we observed during the test of the MSI Claw.

Second point which does not change, and not the least: the screen. If the ROG Ally's IPS screen is responsive and well calibrated as our tests demonstrated, it is nonetheless LCD. A switch to Oled technology, as at Nintendo with the Switch or Valve with the SteamDeck, would not have gone amiss. Asus being the first seller of laptops equipped with Oled technology, this lack of development is quite incomprehensible given the advantages of this technology, which the brand likes to highlight on its laptops.

The full ROG Ally X announcement is scheduled for June 2 at Computex in Taiwan. However, as we told you in the preamble, leaks confirm the characteristics mentioned above, a black color for this ROG Ally X and a price of $799. Which is $100 more than the ROG Ally in Z1 Extreme when it was released.

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