Anti-scam filter, enriched TalkBack, Gemini assistant: Google promises AI at the heart of Android 15

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If there is one star at the Google I/O conference, whose inaugural keynote took place on May 14, 2024, it is artificial intelligence. The annual event dedicated to developers is usually focused on what's new from Mountain View in the areas of web search, Maps and its mobile operating system, but this 2024 edition places intelligence at its center. Announcements related to its in-house AI, Geminifollowed one another, leaving little space for the Android OS mentioned at the end of the conference.

Android 15 beta 2

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Android 15, Google announces, will get its second beta this May 15. It will make it possible to discover more features of the operating system, the final version of which is expected to be available in the fall. The rest of the I/O, which will last several days, will also highlight the various options. While waiting to learn more, it is the AI ​​aspect of Android 15 that Google is focusing on: for it, it is a question of putting artificial intelligence at the heart of the OS. This is also what it started to do since the beginning of the year by allowing users to swap Google Assistant for Gemini.

Google anti-scam filter

In addition to an update of the Gemini app on Android, Google is planning several features using artificial intelligence in Android 15. We therefore note an improvement in the TalkBack function, which is one of the accessibility options for smartphones and offers a voice description of the elements displayed on the screen. Gemini Nano will once again be used in Android 15 to enrich image descriptions and compensate for the shortcomings of TalkBack, which stumbles on some of them. This function will be used on-device, that is to say directly from the smartphone, like another option announced by Google: the ability to detect scam attempts in telephone conversations using the firm's AI models. Understand that, even if conversations are not supposed to be sent to the cloud, AI will analyze your exchanges to better warn you of the risks that certain calls pose to you. In short, listening at the doors for a good cause, which the user will fortunately be free to activate or not.

It's a safe bet that Google will detail these options in more detail in the days to come, including their deployment methods. It should be remembered that in the field of AI, Google is currently favoring its Pixel smartphones (including the brand new Pixel 8a) and those of its partner, Samsung.

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