Claude AI takes on ChatGPT, Gemini and Copilot in France

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Claude AI

Claude AI

Claude AI, or Claude 2, developed by Anthropic, is an advanced artificial intelligence chatbot capable of handling complex queries and providing precise responses based on context.

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Artificial intelligence Claude has been in the news for a while. Developed by Anthropic, which brings together several former OpenAI employees, this language model recently passed in version 3 and offers capacities greater than GPT-4.

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On May 14, 2024, a blog post from the company finally formalized the arrival of AI on the Old Continent. In detail, we learn that the web version of generative AI (, the mobile app on iOS and the Claude Pro and Claude Teams subscriptions are now accessible.

Anthropic highlighted that in addition to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Claude has the advantage of having “a very good level of understanding and fluency in French, German, Spanish, Italian and other European languages, which allows users to converse with him in several languages”.

Use on the web and the iOS app is completely free. For a more complete experience, notably allowing priority access during peak hours, or to use the most powerful version of Claude 3 (Opus), you should subscribe to Claude Pro for €18/month excluding VAT.

It now remains to be seen whether Claude 3 will succeed in attracting European users, who have already had access to ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot And Google Gemini.

One thing is certain, Anthropic is already ready for more varied uses. An API was launched at the beginning of the year to allow developers to integrate AI into applications, websites and services.

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