Electronic Arts wants to add advertisements to its games sold at full price

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Still on a roll, Electronic Arts (EA) is considering, like streaming platforms, the integration of advertisements in its video games. In any case, this is the wish of Andrew Wilson, director of the video game publisher, expressed during a conference call on the latest quarterly results, reports The Verge.

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Don't expect advertising to be added to free-to-play to counterbalance their gratuity. Andrew Wilson actually wants to see it integrated into AAA, blockbusters of the gaming in short. The editor is already looking into the subject since “internal teams are studying how to implement them in a relevant way”. The company even hopes that “advertising will be a significant growth engine”.

Andrew Wilson is aware that players may not appreciate this addition of advertising in AAA and specifies that the community “logically expects an ad-free experience [lorsqu’elle] buy these securities at a high price”. To avoid discontent, their implementation “must therefore be done in a thoughtful manner” according to the manager.

EA is not its first attempt

EA had already tried the experiment in the past, without success. As our colleagues at Gamekultthe publisher added an ad for Amazon Prime Video in EA Sports UFC 4, as well as an ad spot for the Meta Quest 2 when loading NBA 2K21. They were finally withdrawn without any real apology.

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