Fellowes Micro Paper Cut Document Shredder (P5), 12 Sheets, 22L Bin, SafeSense Technology, 100% Jam-Proof

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€99.99 – Amazon

Super effective document shredder for confidential papers, bank cards, plastic cards, paper clips and staples at a very attractive price, from a brand known in the industry and reliable, I'll let you look at the average rating on 1504 evaluations (4.6/ 5!)

Marketed 2 years ago at €280, has recently been around €200, currently at €99.99.

Ideal for teleworking at home or small office with several people, capacity for destruction of 12 sheets at a time in 2x12mm microparticles “P5 standard” (basically there are 5 main standards / classifications for the destruction of documents with tapes then crossed bands then particles of increasingly smaller size depending on the classification, recently I saw up to P7) here you have P5 your A40 sheet is cut into more than 2000 tiny particles, this allows you to preserve a Confidentiality in a certain way on sensitive documents, this can avoid identity theft or prevent someone from “intercepting data concerning you”

Capacity 22L.

It is a very specific product and much more advanced than a document shredder that you will find at action or lidl which are only content to make a few strips with confidentiality which is not guaranteed to be preserved, so they are not comparable.


  • TOP SECURITY DESTRUCTION – The Fellowes LX30M paper shredder can shred 12 sheets per pass into tiny 2 x 12mm particles (DIN P-5 top security), so you can be sure that your confidential documents have been securely shredded.
  • 100% JAM-FREE – To avoid frustration while shredding, the LX30M shredder is 100% jam-proof, which helps prevent paper jams and misfeeds and ensures stress-free shredding when shredding paper. a large number of documents in a home office.
  • DUTY CYCLE – The LX30M shredder can shred continuously for up to 10 minutes before requiring a 15-minute cool-down period, meeting the needs of moderate use in a home office.
  • MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE – Responsive Intellibar technology provides in-use feedback that maximizes document shredder performance: it avoids interruptions by indicating when tray and sheet capacity are approaching the limit or when time of operation is about to be reached.
  • SHRED SAFELY – This Fellowes shredder features patented Safesense technology that stops your LX30M as soon as a hand approaches the insertion slot, providing greater peace of mind in home environments.
  • ENERGY SAVING – The LX30M shredder features a sleep mode that turns the shredder off after periods of inactivity, saving energy.
  • DURABLE DESTRUCTOR – Fellowes shredders are built to last, the powerful cutting cylinders not only shred your documents into unreadable pieces, but they can also destroy staples, paper clips and credit cards.
  • EASY MOVE – This shredder is equipped with swivel wheels, allowing you to easily move your paper shredder to the location most convenient for you and easily store it when not in use.
  • EASY TO EMPTY – To eliminate paper waste from your document shredder, the LX30M shredder is equipped with a large 22 liter extractable bin. Simply pull out the bin to access and remove the waste.
  • WARRANTY – The LX30M paper shredder comes with a 2-year machine warranty and a 5-year knife warranty, including access to quality customer service to answer any questions you may have.

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