Focal presents its new Hadenys and Azurys wired headphones

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The Hadenys and Azurys are the new headphones from Focal, respectively of type “open” And “farm”. The French brand promises that these high-end models restore “the purity of high fidelity sound”.

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The promise of a premium sound experience

The Hadenys helmet, described as “open”, is intended for use at home. Featuring a brown color, this model is equipped with Focal's patented technologies and a design with honeycomb grilles, a genuine leather headband, breathable braided fabric and a magnesium yoke. The manufacturer promises comfortable and light wearing for domestic listening “precise, dynamic and warm” who capture “every musical nuance with great richness” for a “enveloping sound experience”.

The Azurys helmet is “farm”, to be used at home but also on the go. Focal is aimed at “music enthusiasts and lovers” who wish to benefit from its know-how in the field of audio. Equipped with the same materials as the Hadenys, this model is inspired by the semi-precious stone azurite with its bluish tint.

In terms of features, the Hadenys and Azurys helmets are equipped with 40 mm M-dome aluminum and magnesium drivers – the same as those of the helmet Bathys launched in October 2022. Focal ensures that these elements have benefited from the necessary adjustments to ”deliver detailed, warm and dynamic hi-fi sound””. These two models come with a carrying case and dedicated cables.

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