Google presents LearnLM, a new family of modules dedicated to education

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A string of modules based on Gemini AI, designed for education. This is in a nutshell what Google has just announced through “LearnLM”, a family of devices that will gradually be found on most of the company's services: search, of course, but also Android, the application Gemini itself, or even YouTube.

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Among the examples given by Google to illustrate the possibilities offered by LearnLM, we notably retain “Learning coach“. Expected in the coming months on the Gemini application, this functionality has the advantage, not of stupidly giving an answer to a student, but of explaining certain concepts point by point, while providing them with educational advice , or even mnemonic means to better understand a given subject. Google's AI therefore aims to be educational.

LearnLM will also set up shop on YouTube, but mainly to make educational videos more interactive. Under the videos in question, it will be possible to display a dialog box with the AI, so that it summarizes the most important points to remember, or simply to ask it to detail why the subject covered is important.

Currently being tested in a few American universities, Google's system finally aims to be available to teachers through the Google Classroom environment. The idea? Improve and simplify the preparation of their lessons, so as to better meet the individual educational needs of their students.

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