Paris 2024 Tickets: the application to access, transfer and resell your tickets is available

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D-72 days before the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. To prepare the ground, many services are launched. We are thinking in particular of the web platform for request your Games Pass or even thePublic Transport Paris 2024 application to travel to the Olympic venues. Recently, another app appeared on theApp Store and the Play store : Paris 2024 Tickets.

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Access your tickets for the 2024 Olympic events

The primary objective of Paris 2024 Tickets is to allow spectators toaccess their tickets. To do this, you must log in with the Paris 2024 identifiers, those used when purchasing tickets, then select a sports session in order to display the list of tickets owned.

From then on, the user can open the tickets individually in order to display the secure QR Code necessary to access the competition. To avoid fraud, the latter can only be consulted a few hours before the session.

In his article, The Parisian specifies that the pictogram “will be generated, even if when the time comes, we are in an area without an Internet network”. In addition, it must be presented on your smartphone in order to pass access controls. Printed versions will therefore not be accepted.

Transfer and resale of tickets

Paris 2024 Tickets also benefits from two other features: transfer and ticket sales.

In order to carry out a transferthe owner will have to press the button To transfer present under the QR Code, choose a sending method (email, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) and enter the information of the contact benefiting from the transfer.

After completing this process, a pre-written message with a link will be sent to the beneficiary. The latter will only have to open it after connecting to the Paris 2024 Tickets application and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to obtain the ticket.

For the resale of a ticket for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, simply click on the button of the same name under the QR Code, select if desired several tickets from the same session to resell, press the button Resell at the bottom of the screen, check the information and click Continue.

To visually discover the steps to follow, we recommend that you the official video of Paris 2024 on access, transfer and resale of tickets using the Paris 2024 Tickets application.

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