Samsung The Frame and Music Frame: an innovative and stylish duo

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The Frame family is expanding with the arrival of a unique connected speaker which takes the lines of a photo frame. But like the new The Frame TV (2024), it offers much more than its remarkable design!

It is one of the most fashionable televisions of recent years: The Frame returns in 2024 in a version more sophisticated than ever. And now, it forms a shock duo with the new and unique Music Frame connected speaker.

The Frame (2024): Samsung refines its lifestyle television

A refined design, customizable frames, a reflection-free screen and an Art mode, The Frame television (2024) combines aesthetics and functionality to create a true virtual gallery.

This year, Samsung is innovating by introducing a brand new matte panel, certified glare-free by the third-party organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This technology has several advantages, starting with a more immersive viewing experience. Now users can enjoy their programs without being disturbed by unwanted reflections from a window or lamps, whether in broad daylight in a light-filled room or in the evening.

The illusion of a painting

But this technology has another advantage, by imitating the texture of a canvas, it reinforces the illusion that the screen broadcasts a real work of art. The result is all the more convincing as Samsung offers an invisible wall mount so that the television sits perfectly against the wall, like a frame. For those who prefer a more original presentation, the South Korean manufacturer has also designed its studio stand which imitates an easel. Finally, a rotating wall hanger allows you to appreciate the works in a vertical or horizontal format.

The final touch is a frame which is installed around the chassis using a clever magnetic system. Different models are available to suit all decors. And since the principle of The Frame television is to broadcast works rather than leaving a simple black screen, Samsung provides access via its Art Store to a collection of more than 2,500 paintings and photographs, from galleries and museums.

In order to save energy, The Frame television (2024) includes a motion sensor. So it doesn't stay on for no reason, but only when a person is detected in the room. Art mode also limits the refresh rate to 60 Hz while it can go up to 120 Hz for gamers.

QLED 4K and Dolby Atmos technology

The Frame is not just a virtual gallery, it is above all an excellent television that Samsung improves year after year. Dual LED technology enhances contrast and viewing angles, while Quantum Dots reproduce 100% of the color volume for optimal image quality. As for the Quantum Processor 4K chip, it uses artificial intelligence to upscale content from sources below 4K UHD.

In addition, it receives a brightness sensor which adjusts the brightness as well as the colors of the screen according to the ambient lighting, and it displays HDR10+ Adaptive compatibility. For an immersive audio experience, The Frame (2024) manages Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony technologies, enough to reproduce the environment of a cinema at home.

The Music Frame speaker combines originality and performance

Innovative design implies innovative design. The Music Frame speaker is the perfect illustration of this.

A powerful speaker

In the same spirit as The Frame television, Samsung has imagined a connected speaker which adopts the aesthetics of a photo frame. The challenge is to combine this unique design with exceptional sound performance. To achieve this, Samsung has equipped the Music Frame six front-facing speakers and two woofers, ensuring powerful sound and punchy bass.

The Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants are also included, not forgetting the AirPlay, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect protocols to easily stream your music from any source. It also works with Bluetooth 5.2 for complete wireless connectivity.

Surround sound

Compatible with SpaceFit Sound technology, the enclosure detects the shape, size and even furniture of a room to calibrate the sound, then produce an enveloping result. This feature is associated with Adaptive Sound systems and the AVA voice amplifier. Together, they analyze the dialogue in each scene and identify noises that could disrupt listening.

As for wireless Dolby Atmos format support, it ensures a total immersive experience in compatible films and series. This is all the more true as it works in harmony with the speakers of Samsung televisions, via the Q-Symphony system.

A unique style

Although the Music Frame may give the impression of being a simple frame, with its central panel that can accommodate a photo, it is a true connected speaker. It is an innovative approach that allows you to add a personal touch while ensuring maximum discretion to a product which, in general, attracts a lot of attention. Moreover, you also have the possibility of personalizing it with works of art that will blend into your interior. The frames are also interchangeable with several colors available and a simple and effective magnetic system.

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