Samsung: these bold innovations propel the S95D and Neo QLED QN900D OLED TVs to the top

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But what an offensive from Samsung! With its new OLED S95D and Neo QLED QN900D, the South Korean manufacturer brings innovations that are truly game-changing! It's safe to say that there will be a before and an after in the television industry.

Every year, Samsung launches new televisions that manage to surprise us by pushing the limits of image quality. The S95D and Neo QLED QN900D OLED TVs are no exception. In fact, the improvements made to this generation are colossal, both in terms of brightness, visual comfort and precision. These two models also received the maximum rating of 5 stars during their visit to Les Numériques. But concretely, what are these innovations that propel them to such heights?

The S95D OLED TV, just incredible and reflection-free!

Impressive is the first word that comes to mind to describe the reflection-free treatment of the new S95D OLED. Samsung has achieved a real feat by developing technology that allows you to use your television without any discomfort, whatever the light conditions. You will no longer be disturbed by unwanted reflections coming from a window or a lamp. No more gymnastics on the sofa to find the right viewing angle, and goodbye to closing shutters in broad daylight to immerse yourself in a film or series. The “Glare Free” certification issued by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) attests to the remarkable effectiveness of this treatment.

But the prowess of this technology is not only to offer a zero-reflection experience. It achieves this by providing superior brightness, while preserving color richness and contrast. The brightness now increases to 1,600 cd/m2, making this OLED panel the brightest to date. The viewing angles flirt with perfection, as does the color fidelity, measured below the perception threshold of the human eye. In other words, the image quality is simply perfect!

Like an orchestra conductor, the NQ4 AI Gen2 processor coordinates the main components of the TV, acting as a link between hardware and software. With its 20 neural networks and quadrupled power, it can adjust the tones of each scene in real time while maximizing brightness for dynamic rendering. Support for OLED HDR Pro format, up to 70% brighter than OLED HDR+, further enhances the depth of scenes. As for the TV's artificial intelligence capabilities, they upscale content from lower sources to ensure the best possible quality.

The TV is equipped with the latest version of Samsung's Tizen OS operating system, providing access to the most popular streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+, the Gaming Hub as well as the SmartThings Hub for device management connected.

It also comes with the One Connect box which centralizes all connections in one place and allows you to refine the chassis of the TV to make it a model of elegance. Last clarification, the S95D is compatible with the Dolby Atmos audio format and Q-Symphony technology which synchronizes the speakers with compatible soundbars to improve sound reproduction.

Neo Qled QN900D: the Mini LED TV of all superlatives

The first remarkable aspect of Neo QLED TV QN900D is its breathtaking aesthetic. The thinnest borders on the market, a floating foot, sleek elegance Samsung has clearly outdone itself this year. And to honor this sculptural design, the manufacturer has opted for a Mini LED panel displaying 8K resolution. That is to say 33 million pixels, or four times more detail than in 4K UHD.

The NQ8 AI Gen3 processor is responsible for optimizing visual rendering by upscaling content from lower sources (4K, Full HD or HD resolution). The result is all the more convincing as it uses 512 neural networks to provide a sharp, precise and perfectly detailed image.

TechnologyQN900d Neo QLED is based on mini-LEDs which are 40 times smaller than conventional diodes. This reduced size makes it possible to accommodate a greater number of them and thus provide exceptional brightness. But it also results in stunning contrast, with deep blacks, without any noticeable halo effect. Colors are both vibrant and accurate, with a deviation measured at just 2.3 (delta E) by Digital experts, making differences between displayed colors and actual colors imperceptible to the eye.

The QN900d introduces a new One Connect remote box that is even thinner and more discreet, making it easier to install the television, regardless of the intended location. It receives a complete connected interface, including operator applications as well as the latest technologies to enjoy an impeccable gaming experience: low latency, HDMI 2.1 connectivity, Motion Xcelerator 240 Hz.

The QN900D simply represents the best in LED TV. A marvel available in 65 inches (165 cm), 75 inches (190 cm) or even 85 inches (215 cm) diagonal.

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