Set of 3 Elmex Sensitive Original Oral Care Mouthwashes – 3 × 400ml

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€9.51 – Amazon

Good price for this good brand of mouthwash.
Now with the law limiting in-store promotions, getting this kind of item at this price is difficult.
The only problem is that here to get this price, you have to take 3. But since this stock has no problem, I'm doing this deal for those interested.

Instant Relief: Elmex Sensitive Original Mouthwash immediately soothes sensitive teeth, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks without discomfort.
Reinforced protection: Thanks to its advanced formula containing amine fluoride, this mouthwash deposits a protective layer on the teeth, providing additional defense against tooth sensitivity.
Reduction of cavities: Clinical studies have proven that regular use of this mouthwash combined with toothpaste for sensitive teeth provides 3 times greater protection against cavities compared to brushing alone.
Color-free formula: Designed especially for those concerned about their oral health, this mouthwash is completely free of artificial colors, ensuring a natural, uncompromising experience.
Ease of use: In just 30 seconds, this mouthwash reaches all areas of your mouth, providing a lasting feeling of freshness and complete oral hygiene in a quick and easy gesture.

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