VMware virtualization software becomes free for individuals

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Virtualization software allows you to create a virtual machine and install, test and use an operating system different (or not) from the one installed on your computer. This is particularly practical when you want to test a specific version of an operating system without completely reinstalling your PC. Especially when you only have one computer on hand.

VMware, recently acquired by Broadcom, offers two virtualization software: Workstation Pro for PC and Linux, and Fusion Pro for MacOS. This software, previously under a paid license regardless of the use, is now free for personal use.

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In return, VMware is putting an end to the free Fusion Player and Workstation Player versions. The free versions of Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro will be identical to the professional versions; only one registration (“This product is licensed for personal use only”) will appear in the software interface.

It is possible to benefit from Fusion ProAnd Worksation Pro right now. However, you will now have to create a profile on the Broadcom website and download the version For personal use.

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