Free: the 5G plan gains 50 GB of additional mobile data

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In May 2024, Free has decided to review the offers of its mobile plans. The latest change was announced on May 14, 2024, and concerns the5G offer.

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Still set at €19.99 per month for non-Freebox subscribers, the package is entitled to a boost in its mobile data envelope in France: 300 GB instead of 250 GB.

A gargantuan amount of Internet when we know that the average consumption of mobile data amounts to 15.7 GB per month in France (source: ARCEP observatory for the 4th quarter of 2023).

This solution is therefore ideal for individuals and professionals who are regularly deprived of access to a WiFi network, fans of mobile data sharing or even regulars of video streaming platforms.

Earlier in May 2024, Free revised the mobile data envelope of its €2 plan. The operator has in fact increased the number of GB offered by its Booster option, increasing it from 5 to 20 GB. Unfortunately, this development was accompanied by of an increase in price of this option.

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