Furygan airbag vest – From XS to M

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€259.99 – MotoPrivée

Size: Xs, S, M

The advantages of the Furygan airbag vest compared to its competitors: – Level 2 back in D3O – Front pockets that can accommodate D3O chest protectors (optional) – Wicking fabrics on the front for better ventilation. Regarding operation? The In&motion Intelligent Airbag is much more than a simple safety accessory for motorcyclists. It is a revolution in motorcycle protection, offering unrivaled peace of mind on the road, on the track or on the trails. 1. Cutting-edge safety in an instant: In the event of an accident, chute detection and airbag inflation occur in less than 60 milliseconds, providing you with immediate protection. The cutting-edge technology of the In&box anticipates falls and protects you even before the first impact occurs. 2. Autonomy and easy recharging: The In&box is removable, it attaches to the back integrated into the airbag and can be easily recharged. Enjoy 30 hours of continuous driving autonomy, with a full recharge in just 2 to 3 hours. 3. Freedom & autonomy to refill the cartridge: In the event of a fall, immediately change your cartridge in just a few minutes. (ideal for competition) 4. Three detection modes for all practices: Whatever your practice, whether on the road, on the circuit or on the way, the In&motion Intelligent Airbag adapts thanks to its three detection modes available. 5. Comfort and discretion: The In&motion Intelligent Airbag is designed to be discreet and comfortable, integrating perfectly with your existing motorcycle equipment. It can be worn under your jacket or under your motorcycle suit. For the Air bag system to work, you will need to subscribe either to a subscription of €12/month, or directly by purchasing the box from IN&MOTION at the price of €399. Track offer option: Compatible with both formulas Annual offer: €25 or Monthly offer: €8/month (no commitment). New Adventure Option: Compatible with both formulas Annual offer: €25 or Monthly offer: €8/month (no commitment).

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