JBL Clip 5 and Go 4: the new Bluetooth speakers to take everywhere with you!

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A whole new generation of portable speakers is arriving at JBL: enhanced battery life, compact design and more impactful sound than ever. The Clip 5 and Go 4 also include the new Auracast functionality which allows you to broadcast an audio stream to several speakers at the same time.

Although spring has difficulty setting in, know that it always finds its way eventually. The chilly evenings gradually give way to the intoxicating scent of flowers and the delicate caresses of the sun. From then on, escapades in the great outdoors, afternoons at the beach and other feasts with friends were on the horizon.

To enhance these precious moments of music, Bluetooth speakers prove to be essential companions. But while some take a sedentary design, others, like the JBL Clip and Go, are truly built for adventure. Exactly, JBL hits hard by unveiling a whole new generation, featuring enhanced battery life, improved sound capabilities and a reworked design. All this, always at an affordable price.

Press photo of the JBL Go 4 portable speaker

Wherever you are, enjoy music with the JBL Go 4 portable speaker.


Before looking at these promising speakers, it is important to focus on a new technology that equips the JBL Clip 5 and Go 4, Auracast audio streaming. This innovation uses Bluetooth 5.3 LE to transmit an audio stream to several speakers simultaneously, and that changes everything!

Auracast technology is a game changer!

Auracast audio streaming is a new Bluetooth 5.3 LE feature that allows you to stream music to multiple speakers simultaneously.

The advantages of such a system are multiple: on the one hand, it allows you to obtain stereo sound by positioning speakers to the right and left, and on the other hand, it reinforces the sound power available by multiplying the loudspeakers -speakers. Because the Auracast protocol is not limited in number. This means that in theory you can play your music on dozens of speakers at the same time. The result is all the more convincing as the Bluetooth 5.3 LEdelivers higher sound quality than basic Bluetooth, while consuming less power.

The JBL Clip 5 evolves for the better

With 40% more power than its predecessor, the new Clip 5 is now capable of producing much louder sound and significantly punchier bass. We could have feared that these improvements would reduce the autonomy, but not at all, it is progressing, passing to12 hours of use compared to 10 hours previously. And if that's not enough, the Playtime Boost function extends the battery life by 3 hours by adapting the sound volume.

JBL has also redesigned the exterior design of the Clip 5, emphasizing its carabiner now with an enlarged opening. The point is to make it easier to transport, whether in a backpack or through a belt loop. In any case, with a weight of only 285 grams, you can take it everywhere, all day, without the slightest difficulty. In this regard, the IP67 certification ensures protection against water and dust, which means that it can venture by the pool or at the beach, or in the great outdoors in the rain.

Press photo of a JBL Clip 5 portable speaker hanging on a bag.

Take your music anywhere with the JBL Clip 5.


In any case, if we can recognize one thing, it is the unique style of the Clip 5. In addition to its carabiner and its rounded lines, it is possible to choose from numerous combinations of colors and shades, all each more original than the other. Finally, another important aspect to highlight is that the Clip 5 is made from recycled materials, a crucial choice for a speaker that intends to blend with its environment.

The small JBL Go 4 lasts longer

The benchmark portable speaker evolves in all crucial areas. JBL didn't just introduce new colors; the manufacturer promises significantly improved battery life, up to 9 hours with the Playtime Boost function, up from 5 hours previously.

And that's not the only change. On the Go 4, the membranes produce more powerful and clearer sound. The rendering is even customizable from the JBL Portable mobile application. You can use the equalizer to adjust frequencies, boost bass, or fine-tune treble and midrange to suit your preferences.

A person presses the JBL Go 4 speaker.

The JBL Go 4 portable speaker is not afraid of water or dust.


Thanks to its IP67 certification, it is not afraid of water or dust and can therefore adapt to all environments, from the fine sand of the beach to the dust of the campsite or splashes from the edge of the swimming pool. As for its compact size (94.3 x 75.7 x 42.2 mm) and its featherweight of 190 grams, it is still as practical to use on a daily basis, fitting into a backpack, a bag and even in a pocket. To summarize, it is a particularly effective portable speaker, and more attractive than ever.

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