Netflix: the subscription with advertising is fine, unlike the Windows app

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Netflix is ​​doing well, thanks for it. In any case, in addition to having encouraged the competition to imitate it, the decision of the firm with the red N to launch a subscription with advertising seems to have been a winning bet. At the same time, the company is developing a new dedicated application on Windows, with positive and negative aspects for users.

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Netflix's ad-supported offer is a success

40 million. This is the number of monthly Netflix users who have opted for the ad-supported subscription out of 270 million in total. Launched in 2022, the offer took six months to reach the 5 million mark. The acceleration is therefore there.

Netflix, which has obviously decided to offer more live events in the future, has revealed two things around advertising in recent announcements. The first is that Microsoft would no longer be its only partner on the issue, since Google, The Trade Desk and Magnite are joining it. Then, the firm works on a “internal advertising technology platform“. Netflix's president of advertising, Amy Reinhard, explained that “Bringing our advertising technology in-house will allow us to power the package with advertising with the same level of excellence that has made Netflix today's leader in streaming technology.

Soon a new Windows application

At the same time, the site Windows Latest spotted that Netflix was working on a new application for Windows 10 and 11. By opening the current application, a pop-up appears to announce the imminent arrival of a revamped version. From June, it will be impossible to download the current version, which will no longer be updated.

This time it will be a web app, which will benefit from features that have not been available until now. Netflix cites package support with advertising, live events and better streaming quality. On the other hand, the price to pay for this more unified experience may not please some: you will have to give up the possibility of downloading your films and series locally on Windows PCs and tablets. You can only use the mobile application on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

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