Nissan further lowers the price of its Ariya electric SUV, rival to the Peugeot e-3008

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Nissan Ariya

There is no shortage of electric SUVs, but few manage to be competitive. This is what allowed the Tesla Model Y, with its aggressive pricing positioning, to establish itself as the best-selling car in the world in 2023, with sales volumes well above those of its direct competitors.

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On the French market, certain models produced outside Europe must also deal with the loss of their ecological bonus, now conditional on an eco-score. This is particularly the case of the Nissan Ariya, assembled in Japan, which therefore leaves with a serious disadvantage compared to the Tesla Model Y, Peugeot e-3008 and other Renault Scenic E-Tech.

To try to regain competitiveness, the Ariya is offering a further reduction in its prices in France. At €4,000, it allows it to fall below €40,000 at entry level, with a floor price set at €39,300 in the 63 kWh 218 hp Engage version. This “small” battery already offers 404 km of autonomy to the Ariya, which requires an extension of €6,500 to €7,500 to equip itself with its larger 87 kWh battery, offering up to 536 km of autonomy. You still have to add €3,000 to the final bill to benefit from a second electric motor, positioned on the rear axle, which then makes the Ariya a 4×4.

63 kWh 218 hp 87 kWh 242 hp 87 kWh e-4ORCE 306 hp 87 kWh e-4ORCE 394 hp
Engaged €39,300 €45,800
Advance €41,800 €49,300 €52,300
Evolve €52,800 €55,800
Evolve+ €61,800

Still too expensive, especially compared to the Tesla Model Y

Unfortunately, this price reduction still seems insufficient for the Ariya to really worry the competition. Its high-end versions are much more expensive than the larger and more capable Tesla Model Y. The American is sold from €44,990, or €40,990 bonus deducted, with 455 km of autonomy and already complete standard equipment, while its version Long Range Propulsion for the 600 km range requires only €2000 more.

The Ariya certainly manages to sell at prices slightly lower than those of the Peugeot e-3008, but the latter offers greater autonomy at the entry level and is not among the most competitive models in the segment either.

Finally, the Renault Scenic E-Tech, with which the Ariya shares its CMF-EV platform, is sold from €39,990, or €35,990 bonus deducted. It is certainly smaller than the Ariya, but it is also equipped with more modern on-board technologies. Difficult, therefore, to find arguments in favor of Nissan's electric SUV, although far from being a bad car in absolute terms.

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