Pack of 80 Finish Ultimate Infinity Shine Lemon Dishwasher Tablets (third-party seller)

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DEEP CLEANING AND SPARKLING SHINE: The improved formula of Finish Ultimate Infinity shine dishwasher tablets eliminates stubborn stains while acting gently on your dishes thanks to its ultra degreasing, anti-discoloration and anti-limescale action.
PROTECTIVE SHIELD: Finish Ultimate Infinity Shine, dishwasher tablets with protective shield for absolute shine on your glasses and dishes, even the most delicate
CLEAN YOUR DISHES WITHOUT THE NEED TO PRE-RINSE: Effective even in an ecological cycle thanks to its pre-soaking action and its descaling agents.
Unbeatable even against stains set in for more than 24 hours: Effectiveness against stubborn stains set in for more than 24 hours proven by an external laboratory test, February 2025
COMPLETE YOUR WASHING EXPERIENCE: Use Finish Rinse Aid to prevent water and limescale from settling on your glass for optimal streak-free results, and Finish Machine Cleaner to thoroughly clean grease and limescale deposits in your dishwasher.
This product does not have an expiration date, the date written on the packaging corresponds to the production date
Save water. No pre-rinsing necessary

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