15kg bag of 100% resinous Swiss Wärme pellets – Dieppe (76)

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€3.99 – Auchan

Seen by chance at the Auchan garden center in Dieppe. I took the opportunity to take 40 bags. They are marketed by Wood Tech which sells them for €6.38 on their site. Here they are €3.99 per 15 kg bag. It is possible to optimize with BoursoBank Cashback by purchasing an Auchan gift card.

Around twenty pallets in stock

These are pellets, produced from 100% resinous materials, guaranteeing a higher calorific value with a low residual ash rate after combustion. Of superior quality, wood pellets allow better use of heating appliances, facilitate maintenance and guarantee the longevity of the equipment.

They are exclusively made of wood. No chemical adjuvants or additives are used in the production of granules.

They have a diameter of 6mm which is suitable for use on all types of stoves, fireplaces and pellet boilers.

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