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On the FITENIUM app, you can find your personalized training program or plan and follow your own training program.

*Your first workout with FITENIUM*

Choose the way you want to train – We know that each person likes to train in a different way, that's why at FITENIUM we offer you an option for each case.

Create your workout – Choose to create your workout if you want to plan your workout program by setting your sessions, exercises and reps for each workout.

Find Your Workout – Choose Find Your Personalized Workout Program if what you are looking for is a personalized workout based on your level, available equipment, goals and frequency, etc.

Track Your Workout – Choose Track Your Workout if you want to set the exercises, reps, and weights you will train during your session. If you train with a coach, we recommend it.

*Your injury alerts*

Access your health profile – Tap the heart icon that appears on your personal profile screen to access your private health profile.

Meet your digital twin – At FITENIUM you have a visual digital twin that represents your localized state of fatigue in real time while you train and recover.

Avoid injury during training – Using your digital twin, we are able to analyze your data and send you personalized alerts on where and when you are at risk of injury, based on your sessions training.

*Track your progress*

Review your personal best results – In FITENIUM you have a section in your profile with all your personal best results based on the exercises you followed during your training.

Visualize your evolution – For each exercise, you will have an evolution graph in which you will find your progress in the time range of your selection.

Analyze your exercise history – In FITENIUM you can access the history of repetitions and weights for each exercise. You can use this information to program and adjust your sets as you practice.

*Track your weight*

Track your body weight – Measure your weight daily at your health profile. In FITENIUM you will be able to view a graph with your progress and easily enter new weights.

*Your heart rate while you exercise*

Your Heart Rate – Connect FITENIUM to any wearable device synced with Apple Health or Google FIT to track your heart rate during your workouts. This will allow you to track your exercise intensity and better plan your workouts.

The evolution of your heart rate – You can check the evolution of your average heart rate throughout your training sessions in your progress tables in your health profile.

*Never miss a workout*

Your workout awaits – Want to change a song on Spotify? Want to send a message to someone? Get a call to the gym? NO PROBLEM because FITENIUM will always keep your training session open until you complete it or cancel it.

*Create a training habit with FITENIUM*

Turn your workout into a digital experience – Share your sessions with the rest of the community, adding photos and videos to exercises and repetitions of your workout.

Visualize your workout – Swipe left on each post to find the muscle fatigue visualization of each shared workout.

Track your weekly sets – On each user's profile picture, you will see the number of consecutive weeks they have tracked their training with the FITENIUM app.

*Connect with friends*

Find other Fiteniums – You can connect and follow the training of other users like you in FITENIUM. This will help you stay motivated and increase training adherence.

Invite your friends – If you know any other friends who you think would like to workout with you using FITENIUM, you can easily invite them from the invite screen.

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