The JBL SB550 soundbar on sale for €149: for this price, there's nothing better!

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With its compact design, wireless subwoofer and 250 watts of power, the JBL SB550 is the ideal companion for your television. It is also Bluetooth compatible to listen to your music from a smartphone. To top it all off, it is currently benefiting from an €80 discount at E. Leclerc.

The advent of flat screens has revolutionized both the design and image quality of televisions. LCD, Plasma, LED and OLED technologies have supplanted the old cathode ray tubes, providing superior brightness, high contrasts, and vibrant colors. But if the visual quality has taken a leap forward, the sound experience has taken a back seat.

With current televisions sometimes measuring less than 5 cm thick, integrating quality home cinema systems is simply not possible. If you're tired of straining your ears to hear dialogue and want to feel every scene and event in the movies, the solution is to use an external system, such as a soundbar.

Precisely, E. Leclerc is offering a special offer on the JBL SB550. This Dolby Audio 3.1 channel soundbar, equipped with a wireless subwoofer, is currently sold for €149which represents a immediate discount of €80.

The best value for money at the moment?

Affordable, discreet and above all efficient, the JBL SB550 represents a wise choice for anyone looking for an efficient and versatile audio system. And when you benefit from an attractive promotion, as is currently the case, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

With some dimensions of 950 x 64 x 80 mm, it is designed to fit perfectly on a piece of furniture, at the base of the television. But it can also be fixed to the wall, the support being included in the box. Connection is made via the HDMI ARC port or using the optical output. Note that it also has Bluetooth 5.3 to listen to music or podcasts from a smartphone.

Powerful sound, supported by a subwoofer

On the audio side, the JBL SB550 knows how to make yourself heard! With a 250 watt power, distributed between the soundbar (150 W) and the subwoofer (100 W), it delivers dynamic sound that easily fills a living room such as the living room. Its 3.1 channel configuration ensures excellent immersion, especially since it is compatible with Dolby Audio technology for your film and series sessions.

Although it is compact, the SB550 integrates three oblong speakers (45 x 100 mm), designed to provide a beautiful sound presence, as well as two tweeters for clean and precise highs. A central voice dedicated to dialogue ensures beautiful clarity. But what makes all the difference is the addition of a true wireless subwoofer. A rarity in this price range, it enriches the sound experience by providing deep, punchy bass that you can really feel. In other words, whether for immersive movie evenings or to listen to your favorite music, you will be delighted!

Why choose the JBL SB550 soundbar?

In addition to a very advantageous promotion from E. Leclerc, the JBL SB550 delivers very good performance :
• Its compact format facilitates its integration;
• It delivers punchy sound in 3.1 channels compatible with Dolby Audio;
• The subwoofer enhances the sound experience;
• It has HDMI ARC and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity to listen to your music;
• An ultra attractive price at E. Leclerc.

To summarize, the JBL SB550 soundbar presents itself as one of the best proposals of the moment, both accessible and efficient. In addition to its power (250 watts), its wireless subwoofer and its 3.1 channel speakers, it also offers a Bluetooth connection which reinforces its versatility.

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