After several outages, ChatGPT is back in business

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Difficult Tuesday for ChatGPT.

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If you use OpenAI's ChatGPT, you probably noticed yesterday that the tool wasn't at the party. It all started in the morning, following numerous reports of problems from users of the platform. After this first period of inaccessibility of a few hours, a repair took place. But in the middle of the afternoon, do it again.

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One breakdown can hide another

Several hours later, OpenAI acknowledged the outage and vaguely stated: “We have experienced a major outage affecting all users on all ChatGPT plans. The impact included all services related to ChatGPT. The impact does not include or the API. This incident began on June 4 at 4:15 p.m. and was resolved on June 4 at 7:01 p.m.

During this second outage, the other AI-based tools Claude and Perplexity also experienced some technical problems. We do not know today if these were outages per se, or if the malfunctions were linked to the many ChatGPT users looking for alternatives. Even though Gemini and others apparently didn't experience any problems over the same period, it was enough for the Internet to panic and start talking about the “AI Apocalypse.”

AI like a wind of panic

More seriously, many users realized on Tuesday to what extent they had become dependent on AI, and that ChatGPT, like any online technological tool, was not immune to problems.

ChatGPT is down. I work with technology in which I am not an expert. Google is highly inefficient. I'm paralyzed. I have been programming for 18 years. It's scary how quickly I got used to constantly interacting with GPT.

While the outage certainly hampered the work of many people, not everyone seemed to complain…

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